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Flexible Hire

At Vincent we enjoy offering our customers the best options around, and there is no better choice than the Vincent flexible fleet hire package. It is designed for those who wish to run the latest and most efficient fleet, but do not want to enter into a fixed long-term rental agreement.
With the Vincent flexible fleet hire package you have the ultimate freedom of having vehicles when and for how long you need them, thus the ability to increase or decrease your fleet to meet your organisation’s demand. Unlike with contract hire, the flexible fleet hire scheme allows you to rent commercial vehicles flexibly, allowing you to hire the vehicles for the periods you want, and return them when you’re finished, just return them to your local depot, and if you need them again, just hire them on your policy – it’s that simple. Maximise your fleet efficiency by having the right vehicles at the right time.

What are the benefits to our organisation by using Vincent Flexible Hire?

When carrying and maintaining your own fleet, there are always the overheads, maintenance and servicing, depreciation and disposal costs to have to take into consideration, which often have considerable impact on organisations’ financial standings and cash flow. With Vincent flexible fleet hire for your organisation, some of the financial benefits you can experience are:
 Fleet overhead costs removed from the balance sheet
 Lower fleet running costs
 No depreciation concerns
 No disposal concerns
 Known maintenance costs
 More accurate monthly budgeting
 No additional interest payments
If you would like to know more about the Vincent flexible fleet hire package and associated benefits, please do not hesitate to contact or visit your regional branch, where one of our sales managers will answer all your queries